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Abdelkarim Boudlal

Mohammed Boudlal

Mohammed Tamalakhdar

Abdelkader Ait Taleb

About Workshop of Abdelkarim

The two brothers, Abdelkarim and Mohammed Boudlal, and some of their friends own a workshop situated in the Tamegroute village in the south-east of Morocco, which is about 18 km away from the city of Zagora. The city of Tamegroute has a rich history. It was first founded as an important corridor for trade caravans for the Marrakech - Timbuktu trail. Later, in the 11th century, Tamgeroute became a religious center from about the 11th century. Today it is home to some of the oldest and the most important manuscripts and collections of books pertaining to different domains such as science, sports physics, astronomy, interpretation of the Quran and poetry. The founders of Tamgeroute wanted the village to become a city, so they brought tradesmen and artisans from the city of Fez, hence the constant shade of green in Tamergroute pottery (Fez is known for is green ceramics that adorn the roofs of its historic mosques). Tamgeroute never reached these lofty ambitions of an imperial city in the desert, but ambition still runs deep within the ceramic workshop of Abdelkarim and Mohammed. The goal of their workshop is to continue the ceramic work brought to Tamgeroute centuries ago so that it can provide meaningful work for the people of Tamgeroute. They do this by raising awareness of Tamgeroute pottery and raising the value of the work by selling regionally and internationally. Fueled by their passion for ceramics, Abdelkarim and Mohammed Boudlol are well on their way to realizing the goals they set out when they first founded their workshop.


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