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Bright, colorful, and whimsical perfectly describe the beautiful pile knot rug designs of Cooperative Tifawin. Many of the designs are rooted in Fatiha Ait Ouagadir's imagination and reflections of living in the Atlas Mountains.

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Meet the Artisans of Cooperative Tifawin


Mina Achtouk

Ija Chakr

Latifa Oubna

Fatima Taousfourt

Mina Oubna

Khadija Ait Chakr

Fatiha Ait Ougadir


Malika Ochtouk

Rachida Bouzoran

Aica Ait Zawit

Jamila Ait Hammo


Fatima Ayt Yassin

Jama Lbaz

Fatima bo mbark

Ait Ali Rakkouch

Nazha Ochtouk

rachida lhor

Malika Ait Braim Oaddi

Fatima lhroui

Kabira oubna

Fatima ait sidi hmad

About Cooperative Tifawin

The women of Cooperative Tifawin are from a village outside of City Fatima called Ourika, about 60 km from Marrakech. The area is commonly visited by tourists, which is what encouraged the women to build the cooperative. Before, they were weaving in their homes, but selling at very low prices to middlemen or to the markets of Marrakech. With the cooperative they were able to come together and raise prices to earn a better income. This area is famous for its boucherouite rugs and traditional high mountain rugs that have a variety of colors. For the women, these rugs are like canvases where they can create new and unique designs. The women wanted to create the cooperative because they were so frustrated and stuck with the middlemen who were taking their products for next to nothing and selling them for much more to tourists. With the help of the village Development Association, they have been able to successfully build the cooperative. The women are now able to unite as a community and develop their skills while also earning sustainable income, working in a shared space and in their respective homes. The cooperative provides the women with the materials for their weaving, and ten percent of the income from the rugs goes towards the cooperative costs and rent of the communal space. Twelve women have been part of Tifawin since its inception in 2014.


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