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Meet the Artisans of Cooperative Taytmatine


Nezha Ait Bella

Najat Ezzaki

Khadija Errafiai

Elham Ezzaki

Rajae Driouch

Saida Rami

Fatiha Ezzaki

Mothers' Preschool

Nadia Razdal

Senna Elkaddouri

Hanane Ait Brik and Hria Ait Nacer

Senna Boutahma

About Cooperative Taytmatine

Cooperative Taytmatine's mission is to empower women in the village of Touama by improving their quality of life and facilitating their independence by creating access to economic and educational opportunities. Artisans specialize in leather products, jewelry, carpets, and dolls as well as other traditional hand-made crafts. With few employment opportunities available to women, the Ezzaki sisters founded Taytmatine (meaning “sisters”) as a means of earning income to support their family. It was only in 2012 that the sisters decided to formalize a cooperative to help other women. Today the cooperative is comprised of 13 women including the Ezzaki sisters, each of whom brings specific skillsets they have practiced their entire lives to create original hand-crafted products. Touama is a rural farming community in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. There are few services and opportunities for women, many of whom have little or no formal education. Led by Fatiha Ezzaki, the artisans not only make products to sell and support their families, they also help teach skills to other women and work collaboratively with other organizations to bring resources for women and children to Touama. Each product sold on Anou supports artisans directly and makes it possible for Taytmatine to encourage and empower women to improve their quality of life.