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Association Ighrem creates beautiful, hand carved, non-turned, bowls, forks, spoons, and so much more. Every product is made from sustainably collected fallen wood collected near the woodshop. Association Ighrem's social mission of supporting its community is matched by nothing else other than its innovation, experimenting with a wide variety of materials to create one of a kind items.

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 Hand Carved Bowl Walnut Wood Brown Morocco

Hand Carved Bowl | In Stock

Handmade By Brahim El Mansouri

Dimensions:22cm x 22cm x 8cm

Cutting Board

Cutting Board | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Brahim El Mansouri

Dimensions:31cm x 20cm x 2cm

Hand Carved Bowl

Hand Carved Bowl | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Brahim El Mansouri

Dimensions:25cm x 19cm x 2cm

Serving Tray

Serving Tray | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Brahim El Mansouri

Dimensions:31cm x 19cm x 2cm

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Meet the Artisans of Association Ighrem


Brahim El Mansouri

Mohammed Samih

Ismail Taglout

Omar Saber

Mohammed Massaoudi

About Association Ighrem

Association Ighrem was created by a group of woodcarvers in Ait Bougamez, a valley hidden in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. All the wood that the association uses for its carvings are not cut from live trees. Instead, the carvers collect the wood once a year after severe storms break or damage trees high up in the mountains surrounding the valley. The Association Ighrem uses creates individually hand-crafted items out of wood native to Morocco. These items include intricately designed bowls, spoons, and forks, as well as other culturally-specific items like pictoral reliefs representing the lives of everyday in Ait Bougemez. Association Ighrem also provides free training for anyone who wants to learn wood sculpting in their village. Upon the sale of any item produced by the wood shop, Atelier de Sculpture donates up to 30% of the item's price to Association Ighrem, which in turn uses the proceeds to help fund projects in the surrounding villages.


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