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Youssef El ghdani

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In 2012, Bojida Fadel, Youssef El Ghadani and Hicham Marouan founded the Anour Association for Leather Craft. Today, the association is led by a board of seven members who lead a group of 84 leather workers. With such an extensive group of leather workers, the association is able to make a wide range of leather items that are often sold throughout the Fez medina. Despite the leatherworkers reliance on selling in the Fez medina, the association's longer-term goal is to one day be able to sell and market their products to more markets to increase the amount of their sales. With more sales, the association hopes it will be able to expand and provide more trainings so more people can join and earn income to support their families. So far, the association has successfully trained many new members of all backgrounds and is one of the rare leather groups in Fez that is open to female craftspersons. With more income from each sale, the association aims to start implementing literacy classes for all members and provide financial support to widows and orphans that live in the old city of Fez.


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