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The Tigmi Bags Association is located in Tigmijjou, a small village in southern Morocco in the Essaouria Province, was formed in 2007. Home to around 250 people, Tigmijjou is rich with a century old tradition of weaving local water reed into household products. The process began with the production of floor mats, which were popular because they provided a layer of comfort above the dirt floors of most Moroccan homes. About 20 years ago, the introduction of cheap, easy-to-clean, plastic mats became the preferred choice. This forced the villagers to search for an alternative source of income. In the mid-1990's, one man taught himself to weave the reed into attractive market baskets. The utility and popularity of these new products created much needed new revenue. By 1998, the whole village had shifted its business from weaving floor mats to reed baskets. The artisans of Tigmijou are now mong the foremost producers of reed baskets in Morocco and their continued collaborative effort serves as a primary source of income for the community. They officially formed the association, Tigmi Bags, in 2007.