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Cooperative Timdokkals is one of the original cooperatives of the Ait Bouguemez valley. It is little surprise given that they are located in the heart of the Azilal province, they make some of the best, most consistent Azilal rugs today.

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Azilal Rug

Azilal Rug | In Stock

Handmade By Fatima Alktawi and 8 others

Dimensions:3m 7cm x 2m 56cm x 3cm

 Beni Ourain Wool and Cotton Warp Colored Morocco

Beni Ourain | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Mariam Hamid and 5 others

Dimensions:3m 3cm x 2m 42cm x 3cm

Beni Ourain

Beni Ourain | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Fatima Alktawi and 11 others

Dimensions:3m 15cm x 2m 45cm x 3cm

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Meet the Artisans of Ighrem Timdokkals


Fatima Alktawi

Mariam Hamid

Fatima Oulkadi

Wardiya farh

Hkira alfakir

Fadma imghri

Tahsist ouda

Fatima hamid

Meriem ait bnali

Fatima imghran

Samih molaid

Touda alhsni

Rakiy zaki

Wardiy hamid

About Ighrem Timdokkals

Association Ighrem Timdokkals was founded in 2011 by the members of Association Ighrem. Association Ighrem was a successful association started by woodcarvers in the village of Agouti. However, the association was primarily managed by male woodcarvers. The carvers' wives played an increasingly important role in the village, but they did not have their own organization in which to express their needs as well. As such, Association Ighrem gathered the women of Agouti and helped them establish Association Ighrem Timdokkals (friends, in the local Berber dialect). Today, Association Ighrem Timdokkals represents the women of Agouti and enables to generate income for their families through a small shop where the women can freely sell their handmade crafts. As they grow, they hope to be able to tackle bigger issues to make Agouti a better place for them and their children!


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