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 Boucherouite  Colored Morocco

Boucherouite | In Stock

Handmade By Aicha Meskour and 5 others

Dimensions:1m 67cm x 1m 17cm x 2cm

 Rug  Green, White Morocco

Rug | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Aicha Meskour and 6 others

Dimensions:1m 61cm x 1m 20cm x 2cm

 Boucherouite  Orange, Grey Morocco

Boucherouite | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Aicha Meskour and 5 others

Dimensions:1m 50cm x 78cm x 2cm

 Rug  Colored Morocco

Rug | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Aicha Meskour and 6 others

Dimensions:2m 74cm x 1m 83cm x 2cm

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Meet the Artisans of Numedia Tabudrart


Aicha Meskour

Fatima Imharken

Khira Meskour

Aicha Moussaid

Naima Outeglaout

Fatima Ahzmad

Sophia Ait Elhoussine

About Numedia Tabudrart

Numedia Tabudrart is a women's cooperative founded at the beginning of 2019 by three ladies named Khiera, Naima and Sophia from the village of Imelghass Ait Bouguemez of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Before the founding of the cooperative, the women used to work individually in their houses and made their own rugs which are rarely presented for sale. This made them think about setting up a cooperative that could allow them to work together and to exchange their experiences in the pursuit of valuing their products by sharing them with people all over the world. As the cooperative grew, other women joined and the cooperative hopes many more will join in the future. Choosing the name was not random--it is a name deeply rooted in Amazigh history. Numedia refers to an ancient Amazigh kingdom which is one the symbols of the power in Amazigh history. In the past, it was common to name a daugh Numedia, as it signified strength and unity, just as the past kingdom was. Tabudrart is the translation of the word mountainous and it is included in the name due to the fact that the women are proud to be from the mountains. Today, the women in Numedia Tabudrart Cooperative are ready to share their style, symbols and imagination with anyone who shares their affinity for traditionally woven rugs and wants to invest in their bright future.