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Fatima Ashoor

Fatima Al-Saeedi

Mahjouba Brouch

Fatash Fatah

Fatima Billion

Fatima Allouzi

Mimouna Azrouf

Fatima al-Rawi

Jamila Ouaanan

Aisha Amzil

Afikir Fatima

Mohammad Al-Rawi

Mama Ashu








About Cooperative Titaw

The Tataou Cooperative was established on October 15, 2018, in the Ait Ouahia district of Imouzzer Marmoucha. The Ait Ouahia district is affiliated with the Ait Musaed tribe. They are honorable in the areas of Takor of the Al-Hajj. They experienced a great fire that nearly burned their entire tribe down to the ground. They thank the heroes of the Moroccan Army of Liberation for their intervention. For if they had not been there, the fire would have destroyed them all. The tribe now participates in important agricultural activity, like planting trees, to help restore their village’s original beauty. While the women of the tribe work with wool and fabric to help support their families. The word “Tataou” is used in Tamazight, meaning the eyes. The cooperative chose this name in relation to the large number of eyes(or people) in the area.