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Beni Ourain Rug

Learn More About Cooperative Tiglmamin

Tiglmamin is the Amazigh word for lakes. These beautiful lakes are located 40 kilometers from Khenifra in the heart of the Middle Atlas. The name was used for the cooperative because it means many small lakes in the feminine form, this meaning was tied into the many women who make …

Learn more about Cooperative Tiglmamin

The Cooperative Tiglmamin Guarantee & Peformance

Cooperative Tiglmamin guarantees the final dimensions of your order will be below 3% or you'll get your money back or an opportuntiy to have your order remade at no extra cost.

Note: For rugs, anything below 3% is considered excellent but will often come with a higher price relative other groups.

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Listed Dimensions: 3m 6cm x 2m 47cm x 3cm

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