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Original: 7ft 3in
Original: 7ft 3in

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Pile Knot Rug by Cooperative Talassin

pile: Pile Knot Rug Uniquely handmade by artisans using Wool. Crafted by Cooperative Talassin from Midelt, Morocco. Ships to USA and Europe Qty: 1

Approx. Size 7ft 3in x 4ft 1in x 1in or 2m 20cm x 1m 25cm x 2cm

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This Original Item was Handmade using the Local Materials and Tools Below

Wool from Midelt, Morocco


High quality and naturally dyed thread.

Picker from Midelt, Morocco


It brushes the wool and softens it to be turned into thread.

Hand Carders from Midelt, Morocco

Hand Carders

It untangles the wool and smoothes it.

Spindle from Midelt, Morocco


Account currently under translation. Check back soon!

Loom from Midelt, Morocco


Account currently under translation. Check back soon!

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