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 Hanbal Wool Thread and  Brown, Black Morocco

Hanbal | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Akkaoui rabha and 1 others

Dimensions:1m 74cm x 1m 15cm x 1cm

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Meet the Artisans of Cooperative Talassin


Akkaoui Rquia

Akkaoui khadija

Akkaoui yamna

Akkaoui rabha

Itto Barkaoui

Ben Ali zinba

khadija tamossout

Ait Elhaja Aicha


Lalla Aicha

Ait elhaj Rabha

Hadda zine

Aicha Oannan

Rquia oualla


Ahizoun ittou

Ben Ikou zahra





Ait lhaj mouna

Ben Ikou hadda

ورابه يمنى


About Cooperative Talassin

The Cooperative of Tamlalt Naari We decided to create this cooperative us four sisters, in addition to our sister in law and our dear mother, who is he source of all our knowledge when It comes to this amazing craft. We agreed on creating this cooperative after our sister Rabha has resigned from her position as president of her old cooperative, due to many issues that can be labeled as political. We decides to gather divorced women and widows and provide them with an opportunity to support themselves and their children. Our village , Tounfite, where our cooperative is based, is pretty small and isolated , It is located at a distance of 100Km from Midelt. Right in the middle of The Atlas Mountains, Tounfite is surrounded by gray mountains and Oak and Cedar trees. the region in known for Its heavy rains and long snowy winters. Regardless of the beauty and charms of this village, It is rarely visited by tourists seeking to explore new places. Our cooperative uses natural ingredients and dye extracted from plants. The temperature and light influence the colors during the dyeing process which makes each color unique. But in case a buyer would like to purchase a product in that one unique color we turn to The Anou Cooperative which employs the best technicians in natural dye, they produce a good quality thread and a color that never fades.


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