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Pile Knot

Pile Knot

Pile Knot

Pile Knot

Pile Knot

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Handmade by the Following Members of Cooperative Fadel Tighedouine

Saida Boulmayssat

Naima Abekan

The Anou Artisan Team Found Quality Issues:

This rug was inspected at Anou's Store and the artisan team found bleeding on the rug as the dye was not from Anou but an unverified source (spots of the blue are bleeding, please see the video posted on this page). The rug was a little dirty and it has since been cleaned by the Anou team. We cannot verify the dye type and it is probable the rug will bleed if exposed to water. The artisan have reposted this with a discount, and is not available for custom order.


8ft 2in x 4ft 11in x 1in

2m 50cm x 1m 50cm x 3cm

10400 grams

Chulchal , Loom

Spun Wool Thread ,

Dyed Wool Thread ,

Natural Wool

Product ID: 13427

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This rug is made using threads of wool tied to a cotton warp.

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Cooperative Fadel Tighedouine