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Saida Amnsor

Saida Annal

Khdouj El Kaouch

Saida Annal

Rachida Ait Sidi Amhnd

Kawtar Ait Aladl

Jamila Zriah

Najat Ben Abou

Hafida Zriah

Hakima Achril

Saida Ait Omgar

Saida Zaza

Soad Ben Fatna

Zahra Bobrik

About Cooperative Tagmat

The village of Tizgaine is located 70 KM south of Marrakech. It is common amongst the locals to either raise cattle or to be a farmer, the area is also known for Its Olive Plantations. Since the sixties, the women have been involved in the craft of weaving. However, the geography of the area isolates the sellers from the closest markets, and the handicraft started disappearing little by little. In order to prevent its complete extinction, a group of girls from Tizkine, led by Saida Ennal, came up with the idea of starting a cooperative. Cooperative Tagmat, an amazigh name which means "Sisterhood", emphasizes the desire of these women to help each other preserve this heritage, and fight against the mediators in the process. The cooperative's members also want to share their knowledge with others of their village and leading activities for them such as lessons for illiterate people, and participating in other charity work.


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