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Meet the Artisans of Azlag Dagger Cooperative


Mohamed Ait Said

Hussein Ait Hassou

Rachid Ait Basou

Essaidi El Houcine

Brahim Ait Lahsaine

Hassan Ait Saaid

Ait Saaid Mohamed

Abderhaman El Ghamri

Abderhaman Oukham

Lhssan Elhamidi

Mastpha Ait hsou

Mlal Elhoucine

Mohamed Ait Said

Lahcen Ait Said

Assaidi Mohamed

Abdel Al Hamid Ait Baaziz

Mohammed Oakam

Mohammed Ait Lahsen

Nbark Amda

Houssain Saidi

Taouss Elhoussin

Mohammed Tawoss

Nait Said Elhoussine

About Azlag Dagger Cooperative

The Amazigh of the present-day Sous-Massa-Draa area of Morocco have been producing daggers for over seven centuries. The history and design of the daggers represent a finely created craft that has evolved since they were first created by the Jewish communities that resided in the area. As such, each dagger and the designs it encompasses reflect the rich and diverse history of Morocco. Today, the legacy of such daggers is protected by the Azlag Dagger Cooperative. Founded in 1983 by a group of dagger makers, the cooperative was established to provide meaningful income to the dagger makers so that the craft could carry on the rich legacy it represents. The cooperative consists of over 60 members, who each have a shop at the cooperative's center in Kelaat M'Gouna and continue to mentor younger generations of dagger makers so the craft can continue for centuries to come.


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