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Meet the Artisans of The Bougueddach Collective


Mohamed Bougueddach

Aziz Elgarti

Badr Zakri

El Ayachi Lbachiri

Mohamed El Ghouati

Bouchta El Oudghiri

Mohammad Al Afassi

About The Bougueddach Collective

Deep in the Fez medina, there lies a quarter filled with groups of weavers who create much of the colorful Moroccan fabric that can be found in Fez and beyond. One of the largest, and most successful of these groups is the Bougueddach Collective. At anytime of day, the collective's workshop is filled with tourists eager to nab the next scarf and blanket right as it comes off the horizontal loom. However, the collective wasn't always as successful. Prior to 2009, the members that comprise of the collective today were working in their individual shops, struggling to sell their work. Fed up with a lack of sales, El Haj Omar Bougueddach decided to gather the weavers closest to him so they could combine their efforts. Under Omar's leadership, the weavers began focusing on the products that they knew best, rather than trying to make each product themselves. As a result, the collective began making the best fabrics and bags that could be found in the medina. Soon after, the collective discovered the success that they have today.


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