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Meet the Artisans of Imelghas Women's Cooperative


Malika Hdoudi

Fatima Yidri

Fatima Adoudi

Fatima Ahknini

Samir Fatima

Fatima Amhzaz

Malika Ait Assa

Malika Aajijin



About Imelghas Women's Cooperative

The Women's Cooperative of Imghlaus can be found on the hillside above the village of Imghlaus in the Ait Bougamez valley, 200 kilometers from Marrakech. In 2011, the women of Imghlaus wanted to find ways to earn additional money out side of their daily work in the fields. Fatima Ouakhoum, a leader with a eye for design, helped to organize the women to create the cooperative. The women decided that they would only succeed if they all worked together. Accordingly, each sale the cooperative makes is distributed evenly amongst its members. While the cooperative focuses on multiple types of carpets, all of them are made from 100% natural wool and dyes. In the future, the cooperative hopes to build a new center and move out of their one room cooperative with no electricity.


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