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Meet the Artisans of Cooperative Tilatin Timit


Ahsyni mryam

Fatima habibi

Hkadija Brahou

Khadija Nada

Chatou Elmousayi

Touda Ait Hamou

Fatima Mraghd

Saadia Aradi

Fatima Amzil

Malika Masri

Fatima Boulkhoukh

Marym ait hamo

Chato Naji


About Cooperative Tilatin Timit

The Tilatine cooperative is located in the role of Timet in the Ait Bougmaz, 230 km from Marrakesh. It is a mountainous region known for its picturesque nature, and the cooperative consists of fifteen cooperatives who are professionals in the textile. This cooperative gathered them in order to develop their capacity. The idea of establishing the cooperative was one of them in 2015, because the cooperative societies and societies in the region benefit from this vital sector known in the region. My father is considered part of the local culture. They also wish their cooperative to flourish


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