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Cooperative Tadighoust gains its inspiration from one of the most beautiful oasises. With rugs inspired by desert, and baskets made with reeds from their local oasis, Tadighoust is full of potential.

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Pile Knot Rug

Pile Knot Rug | In Stock

Handmade By Fatima Bayba

Dimensions:2m 25cm x 1m 41cm x 2cm


Boucherouite | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Naima Chaouai

Dimensions:2m 60cm x 1m 40cm x 1cm


Boucherouite | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Nora Ait Alal and 1 others

Dimensions:1m 50cm x 76cm x 2cm

Pile Knot Rug

Pile Knot Rug | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Hlima Ait Alla

Dimensions:3m 6cm x 2m 34cm x 2cm

Pile Knot Rug

Pile Knot Rug | Made To Order Only

Handmade By Hlima Ait Alla

Dimensions:30m x 2m 50cm x 2cm

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Meet the Artisans of Association Tadighoust


Fatima Dadsi

Saida Skour

Fatima Bayba

Chaouai Naima

Hlima Ait Alla

Mina Slimani

Rachida Ibour

Nora Ait Alal

Nadia Ouahi

Rabha Amalik

Rabha Bawahi






Mouna Chaouai

Aicha Caouai

Lkbira Sadaoui


Aicha Srghini

Rachida Mchaq

Aicha Rihi

Fatiha Sabri

Karima Wahi

Naima Chaouai

Najat Bali

Fatima Bekhlaq

Nadia Seghrini

Saida Ochaoa

Khadija Chaouai

Fatima lhnani

Noura Ait Alla

About Association Tadighoust

Association Tadighoust is located in the village of Qsar Mouy in the region of Errachidia. The village is known for one of the oldest mosques in Morocco, rivaling the Qarawiyin Mosque in Fez. The area a desert region with a saraha-like weather. The locals are mainly involved in agriculture. However, due to the limited number of jobs available, most men move to bigger cities like Agadir, Meknes, Rabat or Casablanca to find work. In response to the outflow of men, the young people of the village created Association Tadighoust. The association emerged 8 years ago with the goal of developing the region and creating opportunities for the rural women to make a living. Today, many women work at the association, specializing in different products such as herbs, olive oil, and couscous in addition to the weaving that has always been the main activity for many local women. Local weaving craft, however, has been in recent decline do to lack of market access and increased middlemen activity.


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