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Aicha Bousseta

Itto Kermouss

Aicha Lhaimer

Aicha Blaid

Barhu Fatima

Itto Afkir

About Cooperative Tawnza

Cooperative Tawnza, located in the valley of Ait Hamza, was created in March of 2012. Ait Hamza is known for its sheep and the wool that it produces, thus allowing the women of the region to create high quality traditional rugs. Afkir Itto, a native of the area is very experienced in weaving, and has taught a number of the local women how to weave. They often spent time together weaving, but never had a specific place or structure for their weaving location. Afkir Itto encouraged the women to join together to form the cooperative, donating one room of her house, which was a full half of her home to create a space exclusively for the women to weave. The women hope that eventually their products will be recognized on global market places while also being able to empower themselves through earning autonomous sustainable income.


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