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Meet the Artisans of Cooperative Sidi Chta Talsanant


Hafida Ait Ydir

Touda Alaisawi

Fatima Wakriaa

Fatima Bouhkiy

Aaicha Aziyni

Nadiy Jamali

Hasisi Aaicha

Malika Ousou

Aala Aaicha

Fatima Aadi

Touda Alaatawi

About Cooperative Sidi Chta Talsanant

Cooperative Talsanant is in the Valley of Ait Bouguemez, sitting in the high Atlas Mountains, 230 km from Marrakech. The valley of Ait Bouguemez is commonly visited by tourists and travelers. The coop was created by the women of the village in order to increase their access to larger market places while also improving and developing their products. Within the coop are twelve women who weave carpets and hanbel rugs, which the villages of the high atlas mountains are known for given their large number of sheep herders. The women believe in their ability to help each other through the creation of the cooperative, assisting and supporting each other in their creative design processes. Like the other coops in the region, they heard about the success stories of one of the first Associations of Anou, Timdoukkals, and wanted to follow suit by establishing their own association. Ten of the women of the coop lead development activities for other members in the village, especially catering to divorced and widowed women. The cooperative hopes that success will come to their new project of improving the lives of those in their village.


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