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Pile Knot Rug

Handmade and designed by Cooperative Nahda

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El Kibera Tahiri


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10ft 11in x 6ft 10in x 1in

3m 34cm x 2m 8cm x 3cm

19200 grams

Vertical Loom, Taska, Iseka

Tadout - Wool,

Dyed Wool,

Natural wool

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Beni Ourain style rugs are pile knot rugs intricately designed and are used as two sided rugs in Oued Ifrane. There is the summer side, when the pile side is placed face down on the ground to keep things cooler. During the winter, the pile side is placed up to keep things warmer. You can find these carpets with natural wool from the local sheep or cotton yarn bought from the village market. Depending on the size of the rug, it can take weeks to create. Each knot needs to be individually tied and cut, so one person is only able to create a meter in two weeks.

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