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Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel Rug

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Handmade by the Following Members of Association Tithrite

Itto Amzil

Zahra Idrissi

Nazha Ajdaa


13ft 10in x 8ft 4in x 1in

4m 21cm x 2m 55cm x 1cm

11310 grams


Cotton Thread,

Tadout - Wool

Product ID: 14566

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Hanbels are detailed bohemian style handmade rugs. Thel carpets have a long history in Ait Hamza. Even before the arrival of Islam in the 9th century, Hanbals were gifts given only to wealthy, noble families in the area. The value of a Hanbal comes from their unique beauty and the incredible skill required to make one. It can take a woman over one month to complete an average sized Hanbal. Over time, the Hanbal evolved from a gift reserved for nobility, and became one of main ways families in Ait Hamza generated income for their basic needs. This tradition still continues today as many women depend on Hanbals as their sole source of income.

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