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Flatweave Rug

Flatweave Rug

Flatweave Rug

Flatweave Rug

Flatweave Rug

Flatweave Rug

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Handmade by the Following Members of Association Timouzounin

Khadija Baousi

Zineb Rkhsis

Hasna Tjda

Atrbik Hasna


10ft 1in x 8ft x 1in

3m 8cm x 2m 43cm x 2cm

10494 grams

Spindle, Studded Boards, Loom

Natural Wool,

Synthetically Dyed Wool,

Cotton Warp

Product ID: 14429

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The designs made by the association are rooted in the long weaving history of the region. Many of these rugs, known as Taznakht rugs, are made distinct by bright reds and yellows, colors that represent the landscape in which the rugs were made. These bohemian style rugs have a contemporary feel while incorporating traditional Moroccan designs.

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