On your next trip out to Morocco, venture off the beaten path and schedule a visit to drink tea and learn from authentic artisans across Morocco.

Real Experiences

Meet authentic artisans who make what they sell.

No Pressure

No pressure to buy and transparent fixed pricing.

Go Deep

Schedule a visit with tea, lunch or craft workshops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the artisan village or workshop?

Once you book your visit, you will recieve GPS coordintes and detailed instructions on how to reach a meet up location with the artisans you are visiting. The artisans will be at the meet up location at the selected time of your visit.

Do artisans speak English?

Only Association Tithrite has English speaking members, most all other artisans only speak Arabic, Amazigh, and sometimes French. We'd can arrange for interpreters at additional costs, though it is not required to have a good time! Contact us if you would like an interpreter.

Will someone accompany me to the artisan's village or workshop?

We will provide you with detailed instructions with how to get to the village or meet up location but you will be responsible for getting to the location. We would be more than happy to recommend a trusted guide, driver or tour operator if you are unsure about traveling on your own. This isn't yet formalized yet but contact us (hello@theanou.com) and we should be able to help.

Do I need a car?

No, but it will make things easier. All locations are accessible by public transportation. Might might also be able to recommend a driver.

Do I need a phone or data?

Yes, it is recommended that you have data if you're traveling on your own. We'll provide you with contact information for the artisan and Anou's team so if questions come up along the way we can always help!

Where does the money for visits go?

80% goes to the cooperative's budget, which can be used as the artisans deem appropriate. 20% is given to Anou to help train more artisan groups to host visits.

Are there reviews from previous visitors?

Visits are still in beta so you'll be one the groups first visitors. We'll reach out to you to learn how we can make the experience better and when we launch this officially we'll start gathering reviews for each group.

Are there discounts?

Yes! You can get 50% off your visit of a group if you've purchased from them on Anou in the past. We want to encourage you to visit the artisan who made what you bought! Alternatively, discounts are available if you're visiting multiple groups within the same day or week. Contact us for more details at hello@theanou.com!

I would like to visit and source products for my business, what do I need to know?

Visits are discounted or free for prospective and current partners. Contact us to learn more!