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Abderrahim Ben Jelloun

About Abderrahim Ben Jelloun Essaouira

Abderrahim Ben Jelloun lives at Essaouira, a city 180KM away from Marrakech. Essaouira is quite the cultural city, It combines the traditional and the modern, a thing that can be seen at the many cultural festivals organized there every year. The most known festival in Essaouira is the Festival Of Gnaoua, the city became a famous touristic destination thanks to it. The visitors were introduced to the magnificent local traditional hadicrafts, such as Wood sculpting, weaving, and Jewelery making, from a special metalcalled Nokra, It is very affordable and sells really well. This craft is known as Philigram or Essaouiri Dok. The most requested jewelry pieces are rings and bracelets, these two items are very popular amongst women, and a must-have in weddings and other celebrations. Gifting rings and bracelets to newlyweds, is an amazigh tradition followed at Essaouira, the bride kindly accepts it and wwears it during the ceremony, It is a symbol of beauty and elegance for women. A big part of Essaouira's original population are Jewish, they were the first to practice certain handicrafts, and great masters who shared their knowledga with others. Abderrahim is oe of many students who learned the basics from a well known master, Shaamon, he portrays the Amazigh and Jewish culture in his work, creating unique pieces thata cannot be found anywhere else.


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