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Meet the Artisans of Cooperative Taqadom


Tahra Afros

Saida Ait Harfouche

Wafaa Dahan

Fatima Ait Bouaddi

Touria Ddhani

Amezel Jammu

Fatima Ait Taleb

Malika Karbouz

Khadija Azoud

Saida Ait Bouadi

Zainab Mouki

Sharifa Lahssen

About Cooperative Taqadom

The Taqadom Cooperative, whose purpose is in the production and selling of carpets, was established by a group of women in the region of Amizmiz. Amizmiz is known for its picturesque nature, as the region lies behind a series of mountains belonging to the High Atlas mountain range. Because of the region’s beauty and close proximity to Marrakech, their region attracts a large number of foreign tourists. The Amizmiz region is also known for its agricultural activity of walnut trees and olive branches. Most of the men work in the Kemsa mines near Tahanaout. While the women mainly participate in agricultural work, including the production of rugs and carpets. They founded the cooperative as a way to unite women together and preserve their legacy as skilled artisans.


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