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Handmade by the Following Members of Association Najah

Somia Ibza


6ft 7in x 2ft 11in x 1in

2m x 90cm x 1cm

315 grams

Embroidery Loop

Rayon Fabric,

Wool Thread

Product ID: 6397

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Tahrouites cloths are ubiquitous in the areas around Goulmima and much of Saharan Morocco. The Tahrouits are defined by black fabric stitched with intricate designs in neon colors. The designs stem from a blend of traditional Amazigh and Saharan cultures and most designs carry special cultural meaning. For example, some designs note if a woman is married or if a woman is single. Although Taharouits are worn by the local women as pieces of clothing in Goulmima, they can alternatively be used as scarves, or home decorations such as bedcovers or curtains.

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