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Pile knot rugs (Zrbyia)

Pile knot rugs (Zrbyia)

Pile knot rugs (Zrbyia)

Pile knot rugs (Zrbyia)

Pile knot rugs (Zrbyia)

Pile Knot Rugs (Zrbyia)

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Handmade by the Following Members of Association Timnay

Roqaya Talibi


6ft 11in x 4ft 4in x 1in

2m 11cm x 1m 31cm x 2cm

7400 grams

Wool Comb, Spindle and Stud Paddles , Tapestry Beater, Loom, Spinning

Wool Yarn,

Dyed Wool,

Natural Wool

Product ID: 5509

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Pile knot rugs (Zrbyia) are one of the standard rugs in Morocco. Traditionally, they are used as seating in Moroccan homes to suppress the cold in the winter. Sometimes, they are used as blankets. Pile knots from the region are generally known for their black, reds and orange colors and intricate designs.

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